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In addition to our concert schedule above, we are happy to announce weekly Monday performances at Hobby Airport, 5:30-8:30, May-December of 2020, as part of the Harmony in the Air Program of the Houston Airport System.


 Mystery Loves Company is a touring and recording Chamber Rock duo and band from Houston, Texas.  “I was practically mesmerized by this duo. The sound from the electric cello, the percussive acoustic, and the perfect pitch harmonies would rivet one to the stage at times.”

-George Douglas Lee, Island Guide Magazine

About MLC


Chamber rockers Mystery Loves Company started in Houston, TX in 2012 as a duo.  The unlikely pair is comprised of Maddy, a conservatory-trained cellist with a highly technical musical background, and Carlos, a self-taught songwriter from Venezuela.

They met at an open mic where Carlos was testing out new material. Maddy was performing with a friend as a lark, but her virtuosic ability on the cello was not lost on Carlos. He engaged her at once with the proposition of collaborating on original music. Almost immediately, the two struck upon a mystifying sound, rich with natural acoustics, and laced with deeply felt sentiments regarding human struggle, safety, worth, and equality.  Their captivating songs found a receptive audience in those who appreciate the art of live performance and the combination of classical and jazz instruments in a rock/folk setting.  They began performing regularly around Houston, eventually touring all over Texas and the Midwest.  The full band now includes Alauna Rubin on Clarinet, Danny Patterson on Drums, and Jeremy Dudman on Bass.

Mystery Loves Company’s new album, Here We Are, is the first entirely produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band, and is perhaps the album they set out to make when they first met in the fall of 2012.  The band writes, "It has taken many years of writing, studio sessions, and performances for us to have the skill and maturity to accomplish what we envisioned back then.  This album represents our sound the way we hear it.  A lot of time and love has gone into putting it together for you.  Our hope is simply that it becomes a positive part of your life, in whatever shape it fits best."



"Here We Are" | March 2018
"Revolutions EP" | April 2017

"MLC Live 2" | June 2016
"Rock Symphony Billion" | January 2015
"A Mystery Yet Unknown" | November 2013
"Worlds Collide EP" | March 2013​



Maddy plays a 5-string NXT cello by NS (Ned Steinberger) Design.  It looks and sounds amazing, and perhaps just as importantly for Maddy, it allows her to dance around on stage like the rest of the band.  They have a full line-up of string instruments that also includes violins, violas, and bases.  Check them out at www.thinkns.com

Carlos performs on a Pro Series Traveler, which is light, full-scale, stays in tune, and sounds incredibly acoustic.  It breaks down and packs in a bag no bigger than a ukulele, and the neck has a strap that hangs easily on any mic stand, so very little gear is needed.  They have acoustic, electrics, hybrids, and even basses.  Check them out at www.travelerguitar.com

Danny bangs on a custom 7drums kit while sitting on a Motion-Pro Drum Throne and looking cool.  The kit has pearly blue and white finish with great resonance.  The drum throne keeps his behind happy, which keeps him happy... which keeps everyone happy.  They both have a full array of products and you can check them out at www.7drums.net and www.motionpro.org

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